Udaariyaan Today Full Episode: Watch Udaariyaan 16 Nov Full Episode

Watch Udaariyaan 16 Nov Full Episode


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Watch Udaariyaan 16 Nov Full Episode

Watch Udaariyaan 16 nov Full Episode

Udaariyaan Written Update for November 16th, 2021 Angad confesses his love The news of Angad and Tejo’s engagement brings joy to the entire family. Even Virks is overjoyed for her new beginning. None of the family members are aware that Tejo’s engagement is a ruse to force them to attend Fateh and Jasmin’s wedding. Jasmin is afraid that Tejo will take Fateh away from her again, as he did the last time when Tejo married Fateh in the mandap meant for her/Jasmin. Jasmin is curious about Tejo’s plans.

Tejo meets Angad in the academy and thanks him for agreeing to assist her. Angad plays the lovey-dovey role, and she compliments him on it. She informs him that he takes the drama very seriously. He responds that he approaches everything with passion and dedication, whether it’s a love drama or true love. Tejo is unaware that Angad is hinting at confessing his feelings for her. Fateh is envious when Khushbeer invites Angad and Tejo to his home. Later, Angad and Tejo appear to be happy and romantically inclined towards each other when they arrive at Virk’s house.

Fateh is disappointed to see Tejo move on, but he is unaware of the reason for his disappointment. Tejo is asked to hold Angad’s arm while he makes an entry. Angad and Tejo complement one another perfectly. Tejo is uncomfortable, but agrees to Angad’s request for Fateh’s sake. Jasmin becomes enraged when she notices Tejo stealing Fateh’s attention yet again. Is Fateh hiding something from Jasmin, or is he lying about the surprise? Where will Angad and Tejo’s phoney drama lead them? Will Tejo notice Angad’s confession of love? Leave your thoughts in the comments section, and keep reading for a complete update.

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Watch Udaariyaan 16 Nov Full Episode

Watch Udaariyaan 16 Nov Full Episode In Full HD

Udaariyaan Today Full Episode


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