Kumkum Bhagya Today Full Episode: Watch Kumkum Bhagya 17 Nov Full Episode

Watch Kumkum Bhagya 17 Nov Full Episode


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Watch Kumkum Bhagya 17 Nov Full Episode

Watch Kumkum bhagya 17 Nov Full Episode

Prachi begins the episode by crying and wiping her tears. Ranbir is standing on the door, she notices. She gathers her belongings and prepares to leave. Ranbir asks her to close the door as he walks away. Siddharth requests that the hotel staff show the face. The maneger requests that she show her face. Just then, the power went out. Sid notices Aaliya on the computer screen but cannot make out her face. He believes she will flee if I turn. According to the manager, I saw her. Aaliya flees and goes into hiding. Sid comes out and tells the manager that the hotel staff is assisting her, and that when that lady went inside, the door was open, but when we went inside, it was closed, and then smoke wonders how that is possible.

The manager claims that we have smoke detectors and will be alerted if there is a fire. Someone, according to Sid, may have turned off the detectors. Aaliya continues from there. Manager approaches Aaliya and says, “I haven’t shown your face to him yet.” Aaliya requests that the footage be deleted. Our scores, according to the manager, are now settled. Aaliya believes that now that Rhea has Ranbir, Prachi will leave.

Prachi asks Ranbir to take one look at her and says, “You haven’t doubted my character, but you have doubted my love.” She says what I can’t say and says that love is sacred and pure, that she can’t live without him, that her entire relationship is with him, and you know it. She claims you abandoned me in the middle of nowhere and didn’t consider where I would go.

She says, “I’d like to ask you if your love was true.” He claims you are well-versed in the subject. Prachi says, “I wondered if that was a dream or if this is a dream.” Ranbir claims that you betrayed him and ruined everything. He claims that you are not Prachi, whom I adored. Prachi says we’re the same and wonders what I did to make you think my love was a beautiful betrayal.

Ranbir recalls their interactions. Prachi hugs him and says, “This is the test of our time.” She says she was with you during your difficult times and asks if you can’t stand by me.

She says she has no respect without you, and she wonders how people will look at her, and she asks me to stop and call her chikchiki, and she says she will stay back. She requests that he pause for a moment. He embraces her. It’s Ranbir’s imagination, and hearing the door close breaks it. When he comes out of the room, he notices her leaving.

Sid returns home to find his Shraadh happening with garland on his photograph. He inquires, “What are you doing?” Sid is asked to leave by Vikram. Rhea beams. Pallavi takes up the pot and pours water over her head. Rhea smiles evilly. Pallavi then shatters the pot.Sid inquires as to what you are up to. Pallavi claims that your shradhanjali is on, and that we are getting rid of you. Sid claims I didn’t treat this house with respect. Vikram scolds him, saying you didn’t keep our respect and that the girl you married betrayed her.

Sid responds, “No, I did not betray her.” Sid is slapped by Vikram for having an illegitimate relationship with Prachi. Pallavi claims Prachi was the house’s enemy, and you have become the same; I can’t stand you for a second longer. Sid wonders how he can betray this house that has given him so much. Pallavi claims that you are no longer alive, that I have completed your tilanjali, and that I will no longer perform shradh every year. Sid requests that she listen.

Vikram requests that he not put any pressure on him. Sid asks, “How can I do this when you called me Lakshman?” Pallavi says, “When you came here, I thought it was my Ranbir,” but when Ranbir arrived, you weren’t the same Sid. She refers to him as a wolf and declares, “You are dead for me; you have ruined my Ranbir’s home, which now has no place for you.” Dida shows up. Vikram requests that she donate Sid’s clothes to the poor. Sid tries to explain. Pallavi requests that he respect their previous relationship and leave. Sid begins to walk away. Nobody in this house, according to Pallavi, shall use Sid’s name.

Ranbir turns to face Prachi. Bheege Mann performs. Rhea is a long way away. Ranbir enters and shuts the door. He sobs as he sits on the door. Prachi sobs. She begins to walk. Prachi dials Rhea’s number. Rhea says don’t say anything and get out of here. She claims we no longer have any ties and that you have taken my husband from me and my home. She claims that even if you are dead, she will not come to see you. She pretends to cry and requests that she leave. Prachi is leaving and contemplating her marriage to Ranbir. A sad song is playing….. Rhea enters the room and sees Ranbir sobbing. She performs once more.

Prachi is leaving and looks around at everyone who is still standing. Rhea sits beside him and tells him, “I understand your pain; we’re both going through it.” She claims you didn’t notice, and that Sid and Prachi have both left. Ranbir stands up to confront Prachi. Rhea promises that they will go far and stay together without any limitations. She claims they intended to do this in order to demolish our house and build their own. Ranbir becomes enraged. Rhea beams.


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