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Watch Udaariyaan Today Full Episode (13 NOV)


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Watch Udaariyaan 13 Nov Full Episode

Watch Udaariyaan 13 nov full episode

Khushbeer begins the episode by saying, “We have to talk to you.” Angad orders lassi for them. He cracks a joke. Khushbeer claims we came for imp work. Rupy claims we came to discuss forming an alliance. Angad inquires about the alliance. Rupy folds his hands and says that nothing is more important to a father than his daughter’s happiness. Angad says that’s correct, but why are you telling me this? We have Tejo’s alliance for you, says Khushbeer, and we want Tejo and your marriage to happen. Angad remembers… Tejo says there is no pressure on you; think and respond as you see fit. She searches for Angad.

He is called out by her. Angad prostrates on the ground and performs her aarti, addressing her as Tejo Mata. She inquires as to what you are doing. Tejo Mata, he says you’re a Devi, the real troublemaker. She says, “Please stop, you can’t be serious.” He says, “I understand,” and asks, “What is this nonsense, why do you give away your happiness for the sake of others?” She describes me as a “manufacturing defect” because I’m willing to go to any length for my family. He says that no one can take your everything away from you, no matter how much they have hurt you.

She wonders how you know me so well. He claims that due to a manufacturing flaw, he can see into people’s hearts and understand their life circumstances. She says, “I don’t want to see anyone in pain; I can tolerate it; one cannot begin a new life without the blessings of elders; I want all family members to be a part of Fateh and Jasmin’s marriage; I just have to play this drama.” He inquires as to how you intend to conclude this. She says we’ll get engaged and then tell them we didn’t know each other very well. He says you considered everything and that you are sharp.

She claims she came to you because she couldn’t find another way. He thinks the plan is good, but it’s risky, just like me. She inquires as to what you mean. If I say yes and then don’t say no, he says, if I really marry you. She says you’re good at acting; please help me persuade Khushbeer and Rupy with your intense eyes. Facebook is shutting down.

Angad takes a look at them. Gurpreet returns home. If Angad says yes, she considers it. Her dupatta gets caught under her foot. She trips and falls. Fateh and Mahi take her in their arms and inquire if she is okay. Mahi inquires as to your whereabouts. Gurpreet thinks of Tejo. He inquires as to what is the matter. She promises that I will change and come. He wonders what the problem is that she isn’t telling him. She believes my son gave Tejo nothing but sorrow, despite the fact that Angad gives her all of her happiness. Tejo prepares meals. She considers Angad’s response.

Bebe is praying for Tejo. Rupy and Khushbeer arrive. Bebe inquires as to what transpired. We tried to persuade him, according to Khushbeer, but he refused. Tejo believes my request was incorrect. Satti requests that they tell her the entire storey. Tejo says, “Leave it, I don’t have any complaints, I’m happy.” Khushbeer and Rupy begin to laugh. We are also pleased, according to Khushbeer. Rupy claims that Angad said yes.

According to Facebook, Angad instructs them not to fold their hands because parents’ hands look good when they bless their children. He says, “It’s my yes, Tejo is a diamond, I’m a wise businessman, I can’t refuse such a valuable thing.” Facebook is shutting down. Khushbeer claims to understand your worth. Satti embraces Tejo. Tejo believes that Fateh’s marriage will be trouble-free.

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