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The Stoneman Murders is an Bengali web-based series via Hoichoi. The plot is an evocation of real incidents, including an infamous serial killer who murdered many people during the period from 1985 to 1989. The murders occurred in Mumbai as well as Calcutta and was never identified. The killer is also known to be the Stoneman because the stone used by him to kill his victims. Rajatabha Dutta, Rupankar Bagchi and Swastika Mukherjee play the lead performers in the series.The story begins with a train ride that is taken by journalist Sneha who comes across the diary of the Stoneman. The diary is what makes her interested to know all the information regarding the Stoneman

Of all the actors that are in the current trend in Bollywood, Kay Kay Menon is definitely prominent with memorable performances in films such as Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi, Life in a Metro ….Like an uncoiled spring and his dramatic portrayals of a man at the edge possess a simmering anger which threatens to explode. But it never does since the actor is always in control of his attempt to portray real men, identifiable men who are drawn from the sand and dirt of life. The Stoneman Murders The Stoneman Murders, he performs a more nuanced role as the tough cop determined to find the cause of an unsolved crime when the Mumbai police send to the doghouse to be a victim of the purpose of executing a custodial killer.
The film is set against the serial murders which terrorized the petty criminals from Mumbai in 1983 The film is a charming thriller that keeps the audience on their toes. There’s not much in the shady, tinny thana located in suburb Mumbai for rival police officers Kay Kay Menon and Arbaaz Khan, except to break the bones of the pathetic pick pockets as well as small-time hoodlums. As Kay Kay kicks and pummels alcohol addicts, sundry addicts, Arbaaz sniggers and stuffs himself with the chai-biskoot. Up until the Stoneman arrives…A unfortunate man is crushed to death while asleep by a stone. He has areoor all over the body. Cool! says Kay Kay and readies himself for a real thrill. It’s only been a few days since Kay Kay has been removed from the police force due to his brutal actions. However, once a police officer always a policeman. Our hero who is adamant about his job convinces the boss (Vikram Gokhale) to let him settle the case “unofficially” and promises to get results.

The end result? The start of a thrilling chase in which our protagonist is a solitary police officer who patrols the streets of Mumbai in the night and is one step ahead of the mysterious killer who is active on a Saturday and a Tuesday at midnight. Incredibly, the cop rely on his own network of informers (beggars, addicts and vagrants for classified information. He also displays an ideal professional bonding with those who are down and out, and are willing to share their secrets to smoke. Naturally, the cop gets some help from the department with the help of the constable with a low profile (Virendra Saxena) who is a victim of his own issues. When this doesn’t work, then the cop turns into a sort of scholar. He’s in the library reading books on rituals and customs of the tribe, even as the killer makes it to his house and lays the stone of death within his room.

The film offers a hefty adrenaline rush with the dark image of the stoneman flying around on the other hand, as well as the department of police on the other, particularly Arbaaz with the renegade cop Kay Kay, as the principal suspect. Again, Mumbai as well as its innuendos, which are shady at night are prominently featured as the ideal background for a film that contains some intense moments. However, the main attraction is Kay Kay’s fully-bodied portrayal of the gun-happy cop who is devoted to his work, yet does not mind a little bit of black money. A weak connection? The part of the wife who is crying in which Rukhsar gets agitated in the event that her husband Kay Kay doesn’t spend the night with her. However, it’s a bit of a niggle which can be overlooked.


  • Rajatava Dutta
  • Swastika Mukherjee as Sneha
  • Rupankar Bagchi
  • Pallab Kumar Das


No.TitleDirected byOriginal release date
1“Saint and Sins”Ejaz Saiyed, Rafik13 September 2019
2“Camouflage”Ejaz Saiyed, Rafik13 September 2019
3“Before the Murder”Ejaz Saiyed, Rafik13 September 2019
4“Face to Face”Ejaz Saiyed, Rafik13 September 2019
5“Do It Now”Ejaz Saiyed, Rafik20 September 2019
6“Friend in Disguise”Ejaz Saiyed, Rafik20 September 2019
7“Hide and Seek”Ejaz Saiyed, Rafik20 September 2019
8“Revenge”Ejaz Saiyed, Rafik20 September 2019
9“In Search of a Mystery”Ejaz Saiyed, Rafik20 September 2019

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