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Garena has announced that it will host a live tournament between Indonesian and Indian Free Fire streamers on BOOYAH! The tournament will include streamers like fdewe, FrontaL Gaming, SK Sabir Gaming, Sniper Lord, Gamers Zone, PVS Gaming and more. The tournament will start from September 24, and will go on till September 25 and will be streamed live at 5:30pm. 

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Garena is excited to host a live tournament between its Indonesian and Indian Free Fire streamers on BOOYAH!, its all-in-one dedicated platform for gaming videos. The showdown between the two countries will feature the top streamers from both regions such as efdewe, FrontaL Gaming, SK Sabir Gaming, Sniper Lord, Gamers Zone, PVS Gaming and more. Kickstarting tomorrow, the action-packed event will be hosted over two days from 24 September till 25 September at 5:30 PM IST on the BOOYAH! platform.

Tournament format

The tournament will take place in the classic Battle Royale format. Each day will feature 6 teams from both countries battling it out for glory, with about 40 streamers participating. Points will be awarded on the basis of position and kills and will feed into each participating country’s total points. At the end of the tournament, the total points will be calculated over each of the days and finally the winning team and winning region will be selected. Points calculation will follow the standard Free Fire Esports system for professional tournaments. 

This showdown between Indonesia and India will feature BOOYAH! streamers and not professional players from either of the regions.

There’s something for everyone – exciting rewards for fans that tune in!

BOOYAH! has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the showdown is an exciting affair for all involved. Indian viewers will have the opportunity to win Free Fire loot over the two days of the tournament broadcast. A special time-limited event will be available for viewers who stand a chance to win drops such as Free Fire Characters, Weapon Royale Vouchers, and Astronaut Packs if they watch the event for 60 minutes. Viewers who watch the event for 120 minutes stand a chance to win drops such as Free Fire Uruguay and Peru Jerseys, Emotes and more. Viewers must bind their Free Fire and BOOYAH! accounts to be eligible to claim the items they win.

That’s not all! The showdown will also feature fun interactive polls, where the audience can utilize the newly added voting feature to share their thoughts on who might win, who they’re rooting for, and other exciting discussions pertaining to the event.

Broadcast Details

Fans can catch all the action by tuning in to broadcast on the official BOOYAH! channels of India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

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