Flipkart launches ‘Flipkart Xtra’, aims to create over 4,000 jobs this festive season

The Walmart owned Flipkart announced on Wednesday announced that it will launch the Flipkart Xtra model, a marketplace that is separate from Flipkart Extra which will provide an array of opportunities for earning to individuals as well as service providers and technicians. With the “Flipkart Xtra” application on the Google Play Store, Flipkart will provide an easy and seamless experience for people who are interested.

After a background check, applicants can then apply themselves into various roles such as delivery executives at first and service partners, or technicians over the next few months, according to the statement.

The new platform will improve the supply chain of Flipkart to provide faster and seamless delivery of goods and services to customers in India and also create part-time employment opportunities for individuals, it said.

Its launch is in advance of the holiday season and also the Big Billion Days of the company Big Billion Days, will assist thousands of people as well as technicians and service providers across the nation by offering opportunities for extra work and income through delivery partner, the announcement stated.

Flipkart plans to sign up 4000 part-time associates through Flipkart Xtra throughout the Christmas season until the end of December 2021, according to the report.

“As an organisation committed to creating value for all stakeholders including sellers, artisans, MSMEs, Kiranas, and customers, we are constantly expanding the scope of our partnership to equitably distribute the benefits of e-commerce…we are pleased to launch Flipkart Xtra, our service marketplace, to give flexible earning opportunities to individuals, local stores and even service technicians,” Flipkart Senior Vice-President and Director of Supply Chain Hemant Badri told.

This is a brand new approach within the gig-based economy sector and can assist individuals in finding alternative sources of income, while also contributing to the economic development of the country He said.

The reports from BCG indicate that the gig economy holds the potential of servicing around 90 million jobs in India’s non-farm sector alone, and transact more than USD 250 billion during the amount of work and contribute an extra 1.25 percent (approximately) of India’s economy in the long run.

In a separate announcement, Flipkart group firm Myntra has announced it is expanding its “Kirana” network to 25,000 stores and hiring 11,000 workers to provide last-mile delivery services and customer service ahead of the Christmas season.

The fashion-focused online marketplace announced that it is preparing for the forthcoming festive season and its “Big Fashion Festival” by increasing recruitment of its ground staff.

“With its robust supply chain, consisting largely of MENSA (Myntra Extended Network for Service Augmentation) partners, who are typically Kirana store owners in the neighbourhood, and its own Distribution Centers, Myntra is poised to deliver products and joyous experiences to millions of shoppers, while creating seasonal job opportunities, across the country,” Myntra stated in its announcement.

Of the total number of last-mile recruits around 7,500 are for the Kirana network. Another 1,000 will be conducted by Myntra’s Delivery Centres (DC), which are spread across the country.

The positions that are eliminated include those of DC assistants, DC support staff, and delivery personnel. The large portion of the hiring, inclusive of diversification, is taking place in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, and Lucknow.

Additionally, around 2700 employees are hired to enhance the contact center’s capability to help with queries from customers during the holiday time, the statement stated.

“For this festive season, over 70 per cent deliveries are expected to be fulfilled by these specially trained Kirana partners. Myntra is set to expand its Kirana store network by about 30 per cent from the previous festive edition, taking the total Kirana store count to over 25,000,” the company said.

The companies that sell online see a significant portion of their revenue being brought in during the holiday sales, and they make substantial investment prior to the time of the sale to boost their capacity and include features that will be able to manage the increase in demand and provide a seamless user experience for buyers and sellers.

“This has been the largest hiring drive ever at Myntra, for on-ground and customer support during any festive season, as we anticipate a strong demand across pin codes, with people eagerly looking forward to shopping on Myntra for their festive needs,” Myntra Chief Executive Officer Amar Nagaram said.

The majority of recruitments are made to boost capabilities for delivery last mile which is why Kirana store partners account the majority of hiring, bringing the number of store partners up to 25,000 . This is around 30% higher than the previous year. This will provide for about 70% of deliveries, he explained.

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