Charmsukh Impotent Ullu Web Series (2022) Watch Full Episode In Hd

Watch Charmsukh Impotent Full Ullu web series 2022 :- Impotent is the sequal of popular ullu web series Charmsukh .Charmsukh Is very Popular web series by ullu after that many sequal of charmsukh has been released by ullu.The first sequal of charmsukh was Charmsukh Mom And Daughter which was very popular in adult . Charmsukh Impotent is realeased on 11 February 2022 on ullu app.If you love watching romantic,drama Series then you can watch it on Ullu .Charmsukh Impotent is realeased in 5 languages Hindi,Tamil,Telgu,English And Bhojpuri.

Charmsukh Impotent Cast

  • Amika Shail as RashmiNitin Kumar
  • Ludhawani as AjayAllauddin
  • Nabi Shaikh as SaharshRohit R. Pardeshi as Kartik

Charmsukh Impotent Web Series Story

Ajay is impotent, so he devises a master plan to save his public image. Rashmi, a blind girl, marries him. Ajay intends to take advantage of her blindness by sending someone else to Rashmi on the first night of their marriage in his place. Is Ajay, however, the mastermind?

The story of the web series revolves around Ajay, who is impotent. He tried every medicine and treatment available, but nothing worked. Rashmi, a blind typist, was hired by his company. As a result of seeing Rashmi, Ajay devised a master plan. He asked Rashmi if she would marry him, and she agreed. He hired a man to get her pregnant and satisfied. Ajay offered him 25 lakh rupees in exchange for this. He used to be intimate with Rashmi, and now he’s gone. But he soon fell in love with Rashmi, and one day he tells her everything. Rashmi then stated that she knew everything. She stated that she can sense another man’s emotions. As a result, she asked the man to leave and never meet with her again. After he left, Ajay returned and informed her that he had transferred some shares of her company and the house into Rashmi’s name. Rashmi concludes, “Kuch na dekh kar bhi bahut kuch dekhti hai kabhi kabhi aankhe kuch na dekh kar bhi bahut kuch dekhti hai.” Charmsukh Impotent is a web series that can be viewed online via the Ullu App. The premiere date for Charmsukh Impotent web series is February 11, 2022. Amika Shail and Nitin Kumar Ludhawani star in the web series Charmsukh Impotent.

Charmsukh Impotent Web Series Full Details 2022

Title – Charmsukh Impotent

Cast – Amika Shail, Nitin Kumar Ludhawani, Allauddin Nabi Shaikh, Rohit R. Pardeshi

Genre – 18+, Erotic

Type – web series

Series – Charmsukh

Director – Nannditaa V Kothari

Release Date – 11 February 2022

Duration – 22 minutes

OTT Platform – Ullu App

Language – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu

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