Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd March 2022 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi refuses to come with Neelum

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lakshmi replies this is a lot of money and really valuable, people like her have to work a lot to earn even a small amount so they can just take it away, Karishma is about to close the bag when Rano stops her.

Sonia questions Malishka to repeat what she will do once again when Malishka replies she is going to kill that Lakshmi if she returns, she is going to tie her hands and break every bone, to make sure she is not worthy of Rishi, Sonia questions if she has gotten mad and it is wrong when Malishka replies she has gotten scared and cannot understand it because Neelam aunti has gone to bring Lakshmi for Rishi, Virender questions what is happening when Sonia replies that Mom went to Lakshmi’s house with the money, Devika also told her that mom sent Dadi and Devika to the locker, and when she called Karishma, she found out that they are going to the house of Lakshmi,

she exclaims he has seen how is Lakshmi since she is coming because of only money, Virender orders her to shut up mentioning if Neelam had went to bring her as a mother but instead she has gone to buy her off so Lakshmi will never come, Virender informs that for Lakshmi her honour and self-respect is the most important thing, she has attained these from her father, he knows that she will never come, Virender wonders why did Neelam not consult him, Aayush explains it might be because she thought he would disagree, Virender exclaims Neelam is once again to inflict tremendous pain to Lakshmi today, he prays that his Lakshmi should be alright and he needs to be with her, Virender turns to leave but Aayush informs even Rishi needs him and so he cannot go, Virender apologizes for not being with Lakshmi, Malishka turns to leave when Aayush says she is always like this.

Lakshmi questions what is Chachi doing, Rano asks if she doesnot have a heart as they are in a lot of problem and need her to save his life, she asks her husband why is he not instructing Lakshmi, he replies that she is not understanding when Rano questions why did he not ask about the health of Rishi, questioning if he is alive or dead, Rano then goes to Neelam asking about the health of Rishi, she explains that she went to meet Rishi, she doesnot allow her husband to reveal the truth. Rano exclaims she might have said some wrong things but Neelam has never denied that Lakshmi is not their daughter in law, and what is wrong in this so she forces Lakshmi to go with Neelam while she will sent her belongings, Rano exclaims that after marriage a girl should live in the house of her in laws and not that of her parents, she should not start this ritual, Lakshmi goes to her uncle exclaiming she knows he has always thought of them as his own daughters and she never asked for anything so can she stay with him, her uncle replies that he took money from her father fifteen years ago to settle in Mumbai and even this house is from that money, she has entire right to stay in this house and if something causes pain in the life of the children then it is right to break it.

Neelam getting frustrated exclaims that the questions would not have been about her son’s life and she was not so desperate so did not have to come to her house, but she needs Lakshmi today but in the future Lakshmi would need her. Lakshmi replies she is even saying this and has come to buy her out, Neelam replies that everyone knows that there is a lot of power in money and not made any mistake, Money can buy everything, Lakshmi says she can then buy his health, Neelam replies she has come to take her back with the money. Lakshmi replies she can only be won with the righteous heart, Neelam questions when has she done anything wrong with her and was always really good with her, Lakshmi explains by hiding the truth about his affair and the problem in his kundali, Neelam questions she is also not that good since she is standing here, Neelam accepts she hid everything wrong with the kundali of Rishi, just to save his life and now that same son is her husband so what is she doing here, Lakshmi is just standing without doing anything. Neelam replies she thought she would come here and ask Lakshmi to come back not because of the money but because Lakshmi loves rishi a lot and can do anything for the sake of love. Lakshmi replies that when she found out about the affair of Lakshmi and Malishka, she was leaving the house and Neelam tried to stop her but she did not because she never felt anything was true and has now realized that Neelam was never speaking the truth, she is a two faced person. Lakshmi holding her hand apologizes to Neelam informing that he cannot do it anymore since she feels there is only pain in that house and everything hurts her a lot, she is holding her hand requests Neelam before running into the house, Karishma asks Neelam to leave since Rishi is in the hospital.

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