Bhagya Lakshmi 18 November Written Update


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Bhagya Lakshmi 18 November Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 18 November Written Update

“I wanted Rishi, and you got him,” Malishka says to Lakshmi. What does Lakshmi have to say? You must be joking. “Am I kidding?” Malishka asks her to look at her. “You were pleased with our marriage,” Lakshmi says. She claims that you are Rishi’s friend. Malishka says, “I adore Rishi, but he is not a friend of mine.

Rishi is my husband and my suhaag,” Lakshmi says, and she wonders how you can think like this. Malishka claims that I couldn’t get him because of you and that what I should have gotten, I didn’t get. He was my fantasy. Lakshmi yells at her. Malishka inquires, “Why Are You Upset?” Lakshmi responds, “You’re telling me you love my husband and asking why I’m upset?”

She says it’s a good thing Rishi didn’t hear this because she knows what they’d think if they did. She says, “I’m not going to let you stay in this house, and I’ll have the doors closed for you here.” Malishka laughs and tells Sonia that she has made a bet with her that you will not hear anything negative about him. She claims that I wished for a husband like Rishi.

I thought I’d like him, and then he becomes yours and claims to have become loving and caring. She claims he told her that he fed you food with your hand and put a blanket over you when you were sick and that he took care of you when you were ill. She describes him as an ideal husband who adores you. She claims you made him this way. Lakshmi Apologizes For Getting Angry On Her, Saying “I Didn’t Know You Wanted Guy.

Malishka claims you overreacted and are possessive of him. “Not Possessive,” Lakshmi says. I’m afraid I’ll lose him. “I have nothing else but him,” she says, “and I am here as Rishi is here,” and she asks her to pray that they will always be together as “we.” “What did you ask me inside?” she inquires. Malishka says, “Anaar.” Lakshmi goes to retrieve it. Malishka dials Karishma’s number and inquires, “Where are you?” Karishma claims to be at the back of the garden because she dislikes the sound of the crackers. “I Will Come There,” Malishka says.

Virender informs Ahana and Dadi that the Ladi will be burned. Dadi requests that she bring Anaar. Virender requests that she give her Phool Jaadi. Shalu appears and informs me that Di has asked me not to give the Ladi Pataka to anyone. She requests that Ayush inform Uncle that Di did not give her the Ladi Pataka. Ayush tells Virender that he is intelligent as well and shows him the special pataka that he has hidden.

Dadi claims Lakshmi requested that the ladi not be burned. Ayush predicts that Mama will be upset and that we will be reprimanded by her later. Virender says that because Lakshmi refused, we will not burn it and asks him to set it aside. Ayush keeps it close to the cracker table. Dadi suggests that we take a selfie.

They’re getting ready to take a selfie. The Anaar explodes. “Who brought this?” Virender inquires. Ayush claims to have purchased Dadi instructs him to keep all the anger at bay. Malishka approaches Karishma and sobs. Virender tells Ayush that they must inform everyone that the anaar have been duplicated and burst. Lakshmi brings Anaar and goes in search of Malishka.

Malishka embraces Karishma and tells her that Lakshmi told him he loved her, but he refused. She claims Rishi is unaware, but I can see it. She claims you tried to make me understand from the start, but I was too naive. “I will not let Lakshmi take my Rishi and claim he is all mine,” she declares.

Humans, she claims, become accustomed to one another. Rishi says she is his love, and she says she used to be confident, but now she is scared. Lakshmi arrives and is injured. She knelt to examine her foot. Karishma tells Malishka not to make the same mistake again and to fight for him, saying, “You Can Do This, and You Will Make Him Yours.” Malishka inquires and responds, “I have no control over myself.

She claims that I scolded Lakshmi and told her that he was mine but that I somehow handled the situation. Karishma instructs her to take care of herself. Lakshmi shows up. Karishma inquires, “What are you doing here, silently hearing us?” Lakshmi claims she brought Anaar because Malishka desired to burn it.

Rano believes Neha has been bathing for a long time. Neha emerges from the restroom. Rano claims that you have squandered all of the water. Neha informs us that the Servant arrived in place of Ayush. “I Want You To Be Maharani, And You Want To Be Naukrani,” Rano says. “I want to impress Karishma and make her my Samdhan,” she says, “but you hugged that servant,” I asked you to trap and hug Ayush, not the Servants, she says.

Preetam arrives and asks Neha to accompany him. Neha departs. Preetam inquires as to what “shameless” lessons you are teaching your daughter. Rano claims she married Lakshmi in that house. “I have nothing to say,” Preetam says. “Where are Shalu and Bani?” he wonders. Rano claims that they are at Lakshmi’s house.and she refused to come. Preetam gets upset.

Lakshmi places the anaar on the floor and lights the candle. Virender informs Rishi that the Anaar are duplicates and are bursting. Rishi inquires as to who has taken it. “I remember when Lakshmi and Malishka went out to burn it,” Viraj says. Lakshmi Smilingly Burns The Anaar Virender requests that Rishi contact Lakshmi.

The Anaar starts to explode, and other crackers catch fire and explode as well. Everyone flees when they hear the crackers explode. Malishka and Lakshmi become entangled. Rishi and Viraj are the first to arrive, followed by the others. Malishka sees Rishi and calls out to him, pleading with him to save her. Lakshmi calls Rishi.

Rishi clutches it and sprints towards Malishka. Neelam yells at Rishi. Rishi extends his hand to Malishka and looks at Lakshmi. Lakshmi requests that Rishi not come to her. Viraj takes a piece of cloth in his hand. Rishi recalls Lakshmi rescuing him both before and after their marriage. The flashback is displayed. To save Lakshmi, he rushes to her and wraps a cloth around her, leaving Malishka and hugging her. Everyone is taken aback. Viraj rushes over to Malishka and wraps her in the cloth. Malishka is taken aback.

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