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Ullu Web Series -charmsukh web series cast||charmsukh web series download filmyzilla

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Ullu is India’s hottest OTT platform. In recent times, Hot Indian Web Series was released. Fans love the adult web series format. Adult web series are short and easy to follow. Platforms such as Ullu have made them more accessible and offered something unique.

Ullu‘s ability to create new content often and at a fast pace is the best part. Ullu’s episodic shows make it easy to view multiple episodes at once. This means you don’t need to spend hours watching series. Each episode is easy to enjoy and relax.

Charmsukh is a very popular choice among Ullu fans. Charmsukh grows in popularity daily. The series is experiencing unprecedented growth.

There are many web series, but these are some of the most sought-after and popular Indian web seriesHot Indian Web series contains explicit, censored, and suitable material for adults. These include sexual transmissions, violence, abuse, assault, and sexual transmission.

These actresses have a young, relatively young age. You won’t find their information on many websites. We are here to help.

Download Ullu Web Series: Charmsukh web series

Charmsukh web series online is not being downloaded. This is because it is the most popular online on ullu app. To fix this issue, we will provide you with some links. You can watch online videos by clicking this link. Charmsukh Web Series  You can also order online in high-definition quality very quickly.

The most watched web series is Charm sukh. Within a matter of hours, the trailer was uploaded on YouTube and became viral. This series has been praised by many as the most romantic and most popular ULU web series.

Watch Charmsukh ULLU Web Series All Episodes?

Watch charmsukh ULLU web Series All episodes free : Charmsukh  is The most popular Ullu website series is now available. The series contains 28 episodes. Each episode is a different story. The episodic format is beloved by all viewers.

Charmsukh continues being the most-watched series of the Ullu platform . Each episode surpasses the previous record. You may now wonder how to watch this series.

This series is extremely easy to follow as only a few steps are required. These are the steps for .

  • Download the Ullu App from Play Store.
  • Register with your email address
  • To stream web series you will need a premium plan.
  • Ullu offers a variety of plans, including weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You can select any plan that you like.
  • You are done. Download the ULLU web series to get for free.

 Ullu is one of India’s most inexpensive OTT platforms. It is also one of the most affordable places to view short stories and movies as well as web series.

Half of the platform’s series are available as adult web-series. When you view it, keep this in mind. It’s just one of many things Ullu makes. Ullu has added a new feature following the update of the censorship statute.

A family-friendly mode was also available. This mode can be turned on to hide any explicit content and display the web series that you can watch together.

Charmsukh All Episodes

Each episode of the Charmsukh Web series (season 1) is given a unique name according to its storyline. This series has 13 episodes. We’ll tell you more.

  • Episode 1 – Mom & Daughter
  • Episode 2: Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat
  • Episode 3: Behrupiya
  • Episode 4: Karna Zaruri Hai
  • Episode 5 – Highway
  • Episode 6: Pajama Party
  • Episode 7: Kaamwali Bai
  • Episode 8 – Degreewala teacher
  • Episode 9 – Sauda
  • Episode 10: Sautela Pyaar
  • Episode 11 – Telephone Booth
  • Episode 12 – Trapped Part-1
  • Episode 13 – Trapped Part-2

Charmsukh Web Series Cast

Episode 1: Mom & Daughter

Director: Sol Kohli

Cast: Nikhil Arora, Ruby Barajh, Rajsi Verma

Storyline :- The story of Aanya (Ruby Barajh), a virgin girl, is the first episode. She was teased by her friends because she didn’t have sex with Kartik (Nikhil Arora). Aanya was so bullied that she called Kartik to study at her house. Kartik, however, has a negative view of girls. He believes that girls want only sexual pleasure from men and tries to kiss his girlfriend at her house, which Aanya rejects.

Contrary to Aanya’s belief, Rahsi Verma (her mom) was attracted to her daughter’s boyfriend and they began spending many nights together (Kartik and Aanya’s mothers). How will Aanya react to this revelation? Is it possible that she will remain in a relationship? You can watch the first episode to find out all of these answers.

Episode 2: Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat

Director: Shubhobroto Sengupta

Cast: Nitesh Mishra & Pallavi Mukherjee

 The second episode features Pallavi Mukherjee playing the role of Archana, a young girl who has always dreamed to marry her prince charming and wants an exciting first night together. Her first night was the most difficult night of her entire life, and it left her in complete chaos. In her miserable marriage, will she be able fulfill her sexual needs? Binged Watch this episode for more information.

Episode 3: Behrupiya

Director: Shubhobroto Sengupta

Cast: Nidhi Madhwan, Saumya Tiwari

This episode is about Preeti (Saumya Twari), a simple and optimistic girl who loves her family and wants to marry a rich man. But before her dreams can come true, A Behrupiya enters her life & destroys her dreams. Who is this Behrupiya, you ask? This episode will tell you the entire story.

Episode 4: Karna Zaruri Hai

Director: Rohit Anand

Cast: Vdyut Xaviier, Kasturi Chhetri, Dinesh Parmar

 This episode is about a young couple that wants to discover their sexual desires, but gets unlucky every step of the way. Despite their many failures, they never give up and something amazing happens to them. Will they achieve their dreams? This episode will reveal the answer.

Episode 5: Highway

Director: Rohit Anand

Cast: Farooq Khan, Supriya Shukla, Saad Baba

This episode features Taniya (Supriya Shkla), who is struggling to find love with her family. When she was driving with her father one night, their car stopped on the highway. They enlisted the help of a stranger to fix it. How will this stranger impact Taniya? Only the full episode will reveal the mystery.

Episode 6: Pajama Party

Director: Pravin Raja

Cast: Vihan Verma, Gaurav Kumar, Kajal, Jayati Thakar

This episode is about an ambitious man who loves his dreams and his girl a lot. He moved to Mumbai and became friends with a bunch of wealthy brats. This was something he didn’t want. Is this man able to be loyal to his girlfriend? This episode is available.

Episode 7: Kaamwali Bai

Director: Pravin Raja

Cast: Aarohi Dake, Garima Maurya, Jay Ziveri

This episode centers around Kaamwali Bai, an ambitious woman who wants to marry her prince. But his fiance demands dowry before marriage. His master had other desires than hers, and she was trying to focus on her love. Will she be able fulfill the wishes of her master for her love? This episode will tell you more.

Episode 8: Degreewala Teacher

Director: Pravin Raja

Cast: Maushmi Udeshi, Piyush Sharma, Dhawa

 The Degreewala teacher episode tells the story of Dolly (Maushmi Udeshi), a student who struggles in school. To pass her maths exam, she needs tuition. When she asked her friends, they recommended that she take maths tuition from Gupta Sir who is a well-known maths teacher. Dolly was unaware of his intentions and went to his house to receive tuition. He tried to mole her. Dolly will be able handle him? You can watch the entire episode here.

Episode 9: Sauda

Director: Gaurav Panjwani

Cast: Rohit Sharma, Ira Soni, Trisha Choudhary

Episode Sauda is about a poor father who gave his daughters to a wealthy man in order to pay his loan. The sisters initially feel happy with their husbands. But the man soon shows his true colors, and the sisters find themselves in a difficult situation. This episode is about how they will manage their marriage.

Episode 10: Sautela Pyaar

Director: Gaurav Panjwani

Cast: Devashish, Rajsi Verma, Swasti Kapur, Ashwin Kaushal

Seema played the role of a single mom who loves her daughter deeply. She meets Joseph (Ashwin Kanshal), who is a loving father and decides to love her one more time. Their relationship is accepted by her daughter, Swasti Kapur. They all live happily together. Then, Seems’ stepson Devashish enters their lives to make money. Are the daughter and the couple able to deal with the situation? This episode will give you all the answers.

Episode 11: Telephone Booth

Director: Amit Khanna

Cast: Rajat Bhasin, Rimjhim Das, Gaurav Sharma

This episode tells the story of a boy and girl who love each other and communicate via the telephone. The boy attempts to kiss the girl but she retorts in a timid manner. They began to have phone sex later. One day it was discovered that the girl was having sex in the dark with a man. She then realized that the guy wasn’t her boyfriend. What will the girl do? And who is this guy? This episode has the main twist.

Charmsukh Web Series Download filmyzilla

Although you don’t need to download an OTT platform app to stream content, it is possible to do so on a website. Many websites offer streaming services, such as filmyzilla .Accessing Piracy websites is illegal and we do not recommend it

Download Charmsukh Web Series?

Charmsukh Series was launched in 2019 on Ullu TV. Charmsukh Web Series is a series that has a message in every episode. However, the direction could have been better. In a few episodes, the storyline is weak and predictable. If you love erotic shows, you should definitely add it to your collection. We give it a rating of 3.5/5.

These are the steps to download Charmsukh webseries by ULLU.

Step 1 You will need to first choose your favorite platform from the many options available such as MX Player or Ullu TV App. Youtube and many other OTT websites are also available.

Step 2 After deciding which platform you want to watch Charmsukh’s web series by ULU, you will need an app. If you have chosen MX Player, open the Play Store to download the latest MX Player version.

Step 3 Once you have downloaded an app, visit the online section. Type “Charmsukh ULU” in the search bar and hit the enter key.

Step 4 The results will be displayed and you must choose the first one. You will now see the Charmsukh episode index on your screen. Tap on Episode 1. There are 13 episodes in this first season, as mentioned previously.

Charmsukh ULLU Web Series can also be downloaded in another way

You don’t have to download any OTT platform app, but you still want to stream the content on a website. There are many websites like BollyShare and DownloadHub. It is a crime to access Piracy websites and we don’t recommend you do so. We recommend Nord VPN if you want to surf anonymously and secure your computer.


This article contains educational content. Statusbaazar does not encourage anyone to violate their privacy policies. We don’t encourage or help pirated content or piracy websites. We consider piracy a crime and a serious offense. We want to make people aware of privacy, and provide information about how to stay safe from these acts and websites.

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