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Top 10 Best Helmet Under 2000 || New helmets under 2000 in 2021

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India is a country where many people are injured in bike accidents. Most of these youth ride their bike at high speed, without helmets. This is putting their lives in danger.We found the perfect helmet to reduce your spending and save you time searching for one. Best helmets under 2000. There are several things to check consider before buying a helmet.Many people don’t have enough money to buy. They try to compromise quality, but the quality is important. Let’s now see which are the best. Best helmets in india under 2000

For some, buying a helmet is a fashion accessory, while it is a necessity for others. While helmets are fashionable, they can be an absolute necessity for some. Helmets under 2000 You’ll find a variety of helmet ratings, shell shapes, and materials. It’s essential because your helmet’s design and structural integrity will determine if you survive a crash. Although you may have read hundreds of reviews on motorcycles trying to decide which one to buy, have you made a decision about which helmet to purchase? Here’s a list of top helmet brands to consider.

Why do you need to wear a helmet?

For various reasons, many people avoid wearing a helmet. They are increasing the risk of driving while wearing a helmet. There is no guarantee on roads, and some drivers are reckless. You can rest assured that your head and safety are protected in the event of a mishap with your two-wheeler. If there is a collision or impact, the helmet reduces the chance of serious head and brain injuries. The helmet acts as an additional layer of protection for your head during summer.

These are the top 11 helmet brands you need to consider before purchasing:

Best helmets under 2000

1. Vega Helmet

Vega sells some of the most affordable helmets. The Karnataka-based company was established in 1982 and is the most popular helmet manufacturer in India. Over the years, the company has added accessories such as motocross goggles and side boxes to its product range. It is very affordable. The cost of Vega helmets is between INR 1,000 to INR 3,000.

2. Steelbird Helmet

Steelbird products can be trusted for their reliability, cost-efficiency, and strength. Steelbird was the inventor of the iconic, golf-ball-shaped “bieffe” helmets that many seniors today wear. There are four product lines: Steelbird, Steelbird Air and Ares. Steelbird is the brand base and produces affordable helmets in half-face, full face and modular designs. Steelbird Air helmets are designed for children and feature an aerodynamic design. The Ares helmets are identical to the more round, sharp-chin European and American brands. Ignyte offers a variety of motorcycle riding gear. All helmets are priced between INR 1,000 to INR 4,000. There are also helmets that can be fitted with microphones for hands-free use.

3. Studds Helmet

Studds is one the oldest Indian motorcycle helmet manufacturers. This company makes helmets in more than thirty-five countries. There are two product lines: the base Studds, and the premium SMK. There are three types of Studds helmets: half-face, full face and flip-up. The most popular of the three is the Shifter. It costs INR 2000 and comes with many features, including a comfort liner, an inner visor, and up to five vents. The Studds range also includes other products that cost between INR 885 and INR 2,165. However, Studds helmets tend to be heavier than others.

4. Royal Enfield Helmet

Royal Enfield also offers a variety of accessories for motorcycles, in addition to its two-wheelers. Although the helmets are not as heavy or expensive as their motorcycle counterparts, they look great. Although the designs are fairly standard, there is one important difference: the helmets have a thicker inner layer with an extra foam shell. Although the helmet looks ungainly, the extra foam is very effective in impact absorption and thermal insulation. All RE helmets can be used in all weather conditions and are unisex.Prices starting at INR 1800You can go all the way up to INR 8000. Did you know that RE also produces carbon fibre helmets.

5. SMK Helmet

Studds is the third of the ‘big three’ Indian helmet manufacturers, after Steelbird and Vega. SMK helmets are a premium line made by Studds. SMK helmets start at £499, which is slightly more than the Vega and Steelbird models.INR 4,000You can get them up to INR 10,000. All SMK lids are ECE-certified. SMK helmets come with attractive graphics as well as pin-lock visors and in-helmet sunlight shades. They also have lockable air-vents and comfort padding. SMKs can last at least three years if they are used properly.

6. LS2 Helmet

It is difficult to find a LS2 helmet because there are so many of them. This is a testament to how popular the brand in India. LS2 has been around since the beginning and has a long history of producing helmets that are durable, safe, and comfortable. The LS2’s comfortable liners, easy-to-use locking mechanisms, and build quality have been praised by users. It is still difficult to tell the difference between an original and a counterfeit. LS2 also manufactures motorcycle apparel and has begun to set up a few authorised outlets.

7. THH Helmet

THH is a Taiwanese manufacturer of helmets. The THH Helmets look nice and are very comfortable. The reason THH helmets failed to sell initially is that they were only available online when the company was launched in India. Now, you can purchase THH helmets at most bike shops. As we mentioned earlier, THH helmets have a lighter, smaller shell that is easier to store than other helmets of the same price. THH helmets are known for their durability and build quality. The average THH helmet will set you back around $2,500From INR 2,500It’s money well spent. At this price, THH is the most trusted helmet brand you can buy.

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