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Don Or Doctor Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Filmyzilla

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Don aur doctor full movie hindi dubbed download : And Finally, the long-awaited Telugu Movie Devadas Hindi Dubbed Version is out. Devadas starts Nani, King Nagarjuna, and beautiful ladies Rashmika Sharma and Akanksha Sharm in the lead roles. Directed by Nu Sriram Aditya, the movie received mixed to positive reviews from audiences and critics. Zee Cinema was awarded the Hindi dubbing rights to the film. The Hindi dubbing was completed 100% at Qulabs Dubbing Studious. The movie was ready for its Zee Cinema premiere. Now, the Hindi-dubbed version of Devadas has been confirmed for its world premiere television release. Devadas’ Hindi-dubbed version will air on Zee Cinema HD and Zee Cinema HD at 9 pm. This movie will not be available on YouTube. However, you can view the entire film online on Zee5 within a few weeks of the Television premiere. You can also download the movie offline.


Movie Plot

M. K. Das is an m. s. A holder who joins Medimax in Hyderabad as a surgeon to work at Morchery. A patient is seen by him four days later. Bhardwaj was determined to help. Bhardwaj asked Das for a change of prescription, even though the medication was not appropriate. Despite the patient’s recovery, Bhardwaj fires Das for unprofitable behavior. The only option left was Dasji’s old Shirnabhai Memorial Charity Hospital, which is now in disrepair. He opens a clinic in his neighborhood.

Police are also looking for Dev, an unknown crime boss. After the death of his mentor grandfather David, the deity returns home to Hyderabad. Ajay, Dada’s son, helped David in the crime and earned Dev his year. Dev is wounded in a shootout with his gang and police, and he manages to escape the scene hiding his identity. Dev centers Shantabai Memorial Charity Hospital, where Das treats him. Das then extracts the drug from him. Das learns later that his patient is a crime boss but decides not to reveal his identity to protect his trust.

Deva is impressed by Das’ honesty and naivete and makes friends with him. He calls him “Gold” and mocks the gold medal he received for being a top university student in M. S. Das and his friends renovate the clinic, and patients continue to increase. Das is now a practicing surgeon. He is also amazed at the number of criminals and gangsters that surround him. Pooja falls for Deva, unaware that she is an unidentified police officer working on the Deva case. Deva also revealed to Pooja that she was in love with Jahnavi from a journalist, never disclosed.

Dev is “humane” as Das tries to bring Jahnavi and Deva together by presenting him in CBI officer form. Pooja attempts to arrest Dev and asks Das to take him to dinner at a restaurant. While Pooja waits with the police, Deva discovers Ajay’s location and sees Das. After Das asked questions about the deity’s humanity and his lack of leaves, Deva saw Das again at Medimax. The organ donation camp is a success, thanks to Deva. This brings about a shift in Bhardwaj’s view on Das.

Deva, who has a fracture in their friendship, is devastated and meets a child at an event who knows her identity. Deva asked the child for a favor. He wanted to make Deva’s death a little more difficult as he soon died from blood cancer. Deva arranges her treatment, but the child is killed. Deva’s help makes Medimax’s organ donation camp a success, which changes Bhardwaj’s view on Das.

Jahnavi asks Jahnavi for help in arranging a live telecast after the child’s suicide. He confesses to being a crime boss, and the police are looking for him. Das is credited for his transformation. David calls him and kidnaps the slave. He asks for a private meeting. Dev follows David to his house and is chased by the police.

With the assistance of Bhardwaj, two other surgeons, and Das, Das protests Dev’s death. Deva and Das end the film on vacation with Jahnavi, Pooja and reminiscing about past events.


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